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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for training courses?

MBUSI Managers should fill out a Training Request Form (TRF) for Team Members. Print the completed TRF and fax it to the Training Center at 507-2299.


Contractors should also fill out a Training Request Form, print and fax it to the Training Center at 507-2299.

As a contractor, which training courses am I eligible to attend?

You can participate in most technical, business administration and computer courses as long as there is space available. A class cannot be set up just for contractors, but if the class has already been developed due to MBUSI Team Member interest and seats are available, contractors are welcome.


However, contractors are excluded from the leadership and legal classes offered to MBUSI Team Members.

If I am registered for a course and cannot attend, how do I cancel?

Contact the training coordinator either by phone or email. The coordinator’s name will be on the Training Request Form that was returned to the requestor confirming the class.

If I cannot attend the entire class, will I receive credit for any of it?

No. Credit will not be issued for any incomplete course. A status of "incomplete" will be issued and reflected on the training record until the entire class is complete. Depending on the class, a Team Member may be allowed to pick up where they dropped out of the initial class without having to repeat material.

How do I register for eLearning?

You do not have to register for eLearning. Simply log in using your badge number for your Student ID and Password. If logging on for the first time, you are encouraged to change your password. You can do this by clicking on “Change Password” and following the on-screen instructions.


Currently, the eLearning program is not availible to contractors and support companies.

What courses are availible on eLearning?

For a complete listing, log in and click on “Course Catalog”. To view the MBUSI catalog page, click “View” under the “Browse” heading. A list of courses will be displayed.

I have completed an eLearning course. When will I recieve credit?

eLearning credit is posted to your PeopleSoft training records within 24 hours of successful completion of a course.