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Business Administration Courses

Course Title Code Length Delivery
Analyzing Your Use of Time COMGTM 4.5 Hrs eLearning
Asking The Right Questions COMARQ 1 Hr eLearning
Behavior: Putting Your Best Foot Forward COMBFF 4 Hrs eLearning
Behavioral Interview Techniques COMBIT 1 Hr eLearning
Business Etiquette COMEBE 3 Hrs eLearning
Business Grammar COMFOG 2.5 Hrs eLearning
Business Grammar: Punctuation COMEUP 4.5 Hrs eLearning
Business Grammar: Common Usage Errors COMGEB 4.5 Hrs eLearning
Basic Business Math: Averages and Equations COMMAE 1 Hr eLearning
Basic Business Math: Charts and Graphs COMMCG 1 Hr eLearning
Basic Business Math: Percentages and Ratios COMMRA 1 Hr eLearning
Basic Business Math: Using Whole Numbers and Decimals COMMWN 1 Hr eLearning
Business Writing Skills COMWWI   eLearning
Common Admin Support Tasks COMEBC 3 Hrs eLearning
Communicating with Professionalism and Etiquette COMCPE 1Hr eLearning
Communication Skills COMCST   Instructor-led
Comp & Benefit Programs COMORE 1 Hr eLearning
Compelling Job Description COMCJD 1 Hr eLearning
Conducting An Effective Interview COMCEI 1 Hr eLearning
Cost Center to Strategic Partner (HR as Business Partner) COMHRP 1 Hr eLearning
Creating A Presentation COMPRA 5 Hrs eLearning
Critical Thinking Essentials COMFCT 3 Hrs eLearning
Customer Service Representative COMCRE 3.5 Hrs eLearning
Delivering A Presentation COMDYM 4.5 Hrs eLearning
Developing Your Reputation of Professionalism with Business Etiquette COMDYR 1 Hr eLearning
E-mail Essentials for Business COMEEC 1.5 Hrs eLearning
The Essentials of Budgeting for Non-Financial Professionals COMEOB 1 Hr eLearning
Final Exam: Interviewing COMFEX 1 Hr eLearning
Guard Against Interview Biases COMGAB 1 Hr eLearning
Handling Conflict with Others COMHCO 6 Hrs eLearning
Hiring A New Employee COMHNE 1 Hr eLearning
Hiring Strategic Thinkers COMHIR 1 Hr eLearning
Human Resources Core Knowledge (Final Exam) COMHCK 1 Hr eLearning
HR Development: Team Member Training COMDEV 1 Hr eLearning
HR Functions and Activities COMHFA 1 Hr eLearning
HR Skills, Concepts, and Tools COMSCT 1 Hr eLearning
Identify Problem Performance COMRDP 1 Hr eLearning
Initiating Succession Planning COMISU 1 Hr eLearning
Interacting With Others COMUBC 2 Hrs eLearning
Internal Customer Service: Conflict and Complaints COMICG 30 Min eLearning
Listening Essentials COMBOL 2.5 Hrs eLearning
Making Tough Decisions COMDDA 2.5 Hrs eLearning
Management Essentials: Delegating COMMES 1 Hr eLearning
Managing Business Meetings COMPBM 2.5 Hrs eLearning
Managing Change: Understanding Change COMMCU 1 Hr eLearning
Managing Talent for Organizational Success COMHRT 1 Hr eLearning
Organizational Behavior of the Individual COMOBI 1 Hr eLearning
New Hire Orientation ATMNHO 3 Days Instructor-led
Persuasive Communication COMPCO 1 Hr eLearning
Plan and Prioritize Your Time COMBTM 5 Hrs eLearning
Planning A Presentation COMPTS 4.5 Hrs eLearning
Preparing To Interview COMPTI 1 Hr eLearning
Presentation Skills COMPST   Instructor-led
Principles of Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Professionals COMPOA 1 Hr eLearning
Project Management Fundamentals COMPMJ
2.5 Hrs eLearning
Properly Screening Applicants COMPSC 1 Hr eLearning
Recruiting Talent COMRET 1 Hr eLearning
Results Without Authority Basics COMBRC 1 Hr eLearning
Risk Management: Identifying Risk COMRMG 1 Hr eLearning
Selecting The Right Candidates COMSEL 1 Hr eLearning
Strategies: Resolving Conflict COMTMD 3.5 Hrs eLearning
Successful Team Member Onboard: Intro COMSTM 1 Hr eLearning
Support Center Services and Work Environment COMSCW 3 Hrs eLearning
Team and Customer Relationships COMTCR 3 Hrs eLearning
Time Management COMTMT   Instructor-led
Turning Around a Performance Problem COMTAP 1 Hr eLearning
Using Business Etiquette to Build Professional Relationships COMUBE 1 Hr eLearning
Using Metrics and Designing Strategic Initiatives COMUMD 1 Hr eLearning