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Policies and Procedures Courses

Course Title Code Length Delivery
Annual Plan and Review Process COMAPR 20 Min eLearning
Attendance Guidelines COMATG 25 Min eLearning
Customs Import Value and Assist Training CUSIVA 15 Min eLearning
Customs Import Value and Assist Refresher CUSIVR 15 Min eLearning
Fixed Asset Disposal Process COMFIX 20 Min eLearn+video
Fixed Asset Disposal Process Refresher COMFXR 20 Min eLearn
Integrity Code Training COMICO 30 Min eLearning
ISO-IMS Refresher IMSREF 15 Min eLearning
MBUSI Finance PDRS Requirements COMPDR 20 Min Instructor-led
MBUSI Finance PDRS Requirements Refresher COMPFR 20 Min Instructor-led
QlikSense Torque Reporting TECQTR 35 Min eLearning
Records Coordinator Training COMRCT 45 Min eLearning
STD, FMLA and PLOA Guidelines COMSFB 25 Min eLearning