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Safety Courses

Course Title Code Length Delivery
3SCR Awareness Training SAFSCR 10 Min eLearning
Arc-Flash/Electrical Safety 17 ARC017 2 Hrs Instructor-led
Arc-Flash/Electrical 17 Refresher ARCR17 1 Hr eLearning
Battery Plant Dangerous Goods SAFDGB 45 Min eLeraning
Blood Borne Pathogens SAFBBP 2 Hrs Instructor-led
Bomb Threat Training SAFBMB 2 Hrs Instructor-led
Confined Space Awareness SAFCSA 1 Hr Instructor-led
Confined Space Entry SAFCSE 4 Hrs Instructor-led
Confined Space Entries Refresher SAFCSR 25 Min eLearning
Confined Space Entries Refresher SAFCSR 30 Min eLearning
Crisis Communication Orientation SAFCCO 40 Min eLearning
Dangerous Goods Transportation SAFDGT 1 Day Instructor-led
Driving Cars/Trucks in the FTZ SAFDRI 15 Min eLearning
Electrolyte Leakage Response SAFLYT 30 Min eLearning
Emergency Action Plan and Response SAFEMR 30 Min Instructor-led
Emergency Evacuation Instruction SAFEEI 20 Min eLearning+video
Emergency Evacuation Instruction Refresher SAFEER 20 Min eLearning+video
Emergency Response Hazmat Technician SAFHAZ 3 Days Instructor-led
Emergency Response Incident Command SAFHAI 1 Day Instructor-led
Ergonomic Conditioning SAFERC 4 Weeks Instructor-led
Ergonomic Training SAFERT Instructor-led
Fall Protection Competent Person SAFFPC 2 Days Instructor-led
Fall Protection/Ladder Safety SAFFPL 2 Hrs Instructor-led
Fall Protection Refresher SAFFPR 45 Min eLearning
Firemanship SAFFIR 4 Days Instructor-led
First Aid/CPR Training SAFFAC 6 Hrs Instructor-led
Forklift/Tugger Refresher Training SAFFTR 45 Min eLearning
Forklift/Tugger Training SAFFTT 8 Hrs Instructor-led
Hazardous Materials Shipping SAFHMS 1 Day Instructor-led
Hazardous Materials Technician 8 Hour Refresher SAFHMB 1 Day Instructor-led
Hazardous Waste Management SAFENI 1 Day Instructor-led
Haz-Mat Drill SAFHMD 2 Hrs Instructor-led
Hazmat Transport Training SAFHAT 45 Min Instructor-led
Hazmat Training Refresher SAFHRT 45 Mins Instructor+eLearn
Hearing Conservation SAFHCS 1 Hr Instructor-led
Hearing Conservation Refresher COMHCR 15 Min eLearning
High Voltage Electrical Safety ENGHVS 2 Days Instructor-led
HVK2 Battery Prod Refresher REFVK2 45 Min eLearning
HV2 Awareness Vehicle Refresh REFHV2 45 Min eLearning
Hydrogen Dispenser Safety SAFHDS 15 Min eLearning
Incipient Fire Suppression SAFIFS 45 Min Instructor-led
Incipient Fire Suppression Refresher SAFIFR 20 Min eLearning
ISO-IMS Refresher Training IMSREF 40 Min eLearning
Lockout/Tagout Affected SAFLAF 20 Min eLearning
Lockout/Tagout Authorized SAFLTA 2 Hrs Instructor-led
Lockout/Tagout Authorized Refresher SAFLAR 25 Min eLearning
Man Lift Safety Refresher SAFJLR 45 Min eLearning
MBUSI Emergency Response Leadership SAFERL 1 Day Instructor-led
MBUSI Safety Orientation SAFSOR 1 Hr Instructor-led
Off Road Track Safety COMOFF 40 Min eLearning
Overhead Crane Safety SAFOCB 2 Hrs Instructor-led
Pedestrian Safety Training SAFPED 20 Min eLearning
Personal Protective Equipment SAFPPE 20 Min eLearning
Powered Industrial Carts Operator Safety Training SAFPIC 45 Min eLearning
RCRA and Hazmat Transport Awareness Training RCHZDG 40 Min eLearning
Respiratory Protection Refresher SAFRPR 30 Min eLearning
Robotics Safety Awareness SAFROB 2 Hrs Instructor-led
SH Battery Refresher REFBAT 45 Min Instructor-led
Test Driver Safety Course SAFTDS 6.5 Hrs Instructor-led
Waste Management & Spill-Response SAFWSR 1 Hr Instructor-led
Water Damage Restoration Technician SAFWDR 2 Days Instructor-led